Sunday, 7 August 2016

How many Maltese does it take to change a lightbulb?

Ok so maybe I was a little naïve in thinking the combination of British bureaucratic efficiency (and don’t laugh compared to many it is highly efficient) and laid back Mediterranean attitudes could only be positive but no.  Cannot work out how or why it took 4 trips to various medical establishments (with one more to go) and seeing over a dozen people to get a prescription for my free meds.  It does though explain the low Maltese unemployment rate as, instead of linking up and using the computers they each have, you physically have to go from one person to another often in the same building sometimes on the next door desk and queue in between.  Madness to me but hey ho it’s an accepted cultural norm here sign and stamp and show to someone else who signs and stamps etc hours of wasted and unproductive time 

On that point I wonder what, if anything, the Maltese Trans groups are actually doing? Sure due to a court case Trans people can marry and, an improvement over the UK, can change gender legally with just an affidavit but treatment is not funded. This is contrary to various European Union protocols and European Court of Human Rights decisions stating it is a breach of human rights to not publicly fund gender reassignment treatment including hormones and surgery yet here nothing is done (  Given that it took a legal challenge on the issue of MAP here to force the Maltese Government to fulfill its obligations to women then perhaps our NGOs (non government organisations) need to take similar action; I for one have put a complaint into the Equality Commission here and emailed the minister advising him of the breach and that I would hold the Government responsible for all costs 

Now some would call me a whining Brit which is not even half true; I am half Maltese for one.  But is wanting efficiency whining after all everyone benefits from it when not taken to extremes and is wanting your rights whining, I think not  

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