Monday, 1 August 2016

Hello and why

Well some technical issues so lets start again

Gave up blogging because it became so negative and defensive with people just wanting to demolish every word said but I'm back - no not from out of space (thanks Gloria that song is a permanent ear-worm) bit from the ether to muse upon 

faith and its relation to religion and more importantly the entire cosmos we live in 

on LGBTI + issues with a distinct Trans focus 

on politics both with a capital and lower case P

Malta memories and present 

social justice and life 

So reluctantly here I am cannot change the world in a blog and don't intend to try - I'll offend some no doubt but that's what happens when you hope to challenge and provoke thought; so when I do offend forgive me and think ion why you are offended

I'm starting with a few old favourites to introduce myself and my thinking

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