Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Frankie 1 fails again !

Ah well so Rome is at it again …. Denying science because it does not fit in with human opinion (even if wrapped up and called tradition) - apparently children are choosing their gender and Frankie's not happy 

Lets look at this properly something which Francis as an alleged scientist should have done

1.       No child chooses their gender or even their gender identity.  In November 2015 Boston University confirmed that current scientific consensus was that gender identity was innate and inherent and therefore no more of a choice than eye colour ( 

2.       Overwhelming psychiatric and psychological evidence points to the significant benefits of a child allowed to live according to its innate gender rather than its physical sex (

3.       That no change in gender presentation is taken lightly and that any child rather than just “choosing” as Francis and others incorrectly describing is assessed in depth before any transition and that the process is viewed as part of a child’s medical and social development

Of course science may be wrong and some would of course shout “caution” but this omits three fundamentals.   

Firstly science could be wrong about a lot of things but we do not cry caution or prevent treatment on the majority of interventions just to be cautious and nor should we. 

Secondly nothing at this point is irreversible.  In the rare cases where child, as it develops, finds that its gender and sex are congruent after all it is wholly able to physically revert to its birth sex.  No cross sex hormones or surgery are involved until the child is an adult.   

Thirdly as most Trans adults (including myself) will affirm we are well aware of out gender dissonance at such a young age and though unable perhaps to fully describe it or express it we certainly suffer significantly from it

So again we have a situation where Francis, Rome and other fundamentalists are prepared to deny the scientific evidence and the best solution for an individual because it does not fit with their world view.  Let us not forget Christ never mentions gender variance and in the whole of Scripture even cross dressing is only mentioned once and that in Leviticus alongside the eating of seafood, mixing or fabrics and other cultural and historical laws long since dismissed as irrelevant even by (the apostle) Paul

Another reason to lose the constitutional chains that bind Malta to this religion and become a secular nation

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