Sunday, 21 August 2016

Country doctors

I am sick and tired of country doctors !!!!

Let me explain; the expression “country doctor” has a darker meaning than many imagine.  Often in the past the people who went to practice in the country were the least academically able, the least medically competent or those who had to escape a scandal or some issue making then otherwise unfit (or almost unfit to practice).  Even the ITV show “Doc Martin” reflects this meaning as the protagonist runs away from a successful career as a top surgeon to a country practice once he develops an aversion to blood.
However no matter how third rate (or worse) they were regrettably compared to the average rural worker they were the fountain of all scientific knowledge and they often wielded their modicum of skill as a weapon to buy them status and power in the locality. A status and power they truly dud not deserve.  Along with their theological equivalent, the country parson (again often a third rater) and the local squire (an inherited post where the holder was often devoid of ability) they ruled as an unholy trinity.  Like most with limited or no talent they always sought to maintain conservatism because that was within their limited understanding and also served to shore up their power base.
Today things have largely changed urbanisation and the car mean that these old roles no longer have the unwarranted power or respect they once had and more significantly that the incompetent do not survive to qualify and find a sinecure to dominate and destroy. However the world is still full of country doctors and I fear Malta more than most. 
Go online to many fora and you will find country doctors spreading ill educated opinions based, at best, on out dated or discredited theory or science.  Here on the Island you cannot escape it when it comes to women’s rights especially in terms of MAP or Abortion, here too like many other parts of the world Trans rights are abused based on the discredited John Hopkins gender centre or the 200 strong American College of Pediatricians (ACP) .  These country doctors are  often like the originals reliant on the country parson whether it be the Fundamentalist Protestant (ACP) or Catholic (John Hopkins) unfortunately they now through the net have the opportunity to spread and share their incompetence and to decry all those who disagree with them.  Fortunately the squire is long gone in many pleases and they just rant and rail and use the power of words to condemn, harm and destroy
It is said that Henry II asked “who would rid me of this troublesome priest” and that led to the death of Thomas Becket, whilst I want no one to die I have to ask “who would rid me of these troublesome country doctors”

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