Monday, 1 August 2016

A liturgical prayer (yes I know from me of all people)

Father you have searched me and know me
You know even the simplest things I do as well as my deepest thoughts
You surround me, protect me, guide me,
You love me so much that I cannot fully understand it
Father surround (Name), protect (Name), guide (Name) and love (Name)

There is no where I can go to run from you
From the highest mountain to the deepest part of the sea you are there
In light and darkness you are there
And you are there to protect and guide me
Father surround (Name), protect (Name), guide (Name) and love (Name)

Before I was born you knew me
Your Spirit was with me in the womb creating and forming me
Nothing was hidden from you and you have a purpose for me
Your thoughts and love are beyond my understanding
But you are always with me
Father surround (Name), protect (Name), guide (Name) and love (Name)

Search me Father deeply and lovingly
Know my fears and worries
Heal my pain, make me like you and help me follow your heart
Father I love you, give myself to you, and accept your love

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